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Optional Events

Kawadoko Dinner on Sunday, 22nd July

We are planning to have a special kawadoko (or noryo-yuka) dinner on Sunday after Kyoto excursion, at Umemura in Pontocho located beside Kamogawa (Kamo River).

Kawadoko (kawa means river, and doko means floor in Japanese) is a dining deck built above rivers in Kyoto. Eating in kawadoko restaurant is a summer tradition in Kyoto. Pontocho is also a unique place as well as Gion in Kyoto.

Click here for more detailed information about kawadoko dining. Click here to find nice photos of kawadoko and Pontocho.

Kawadoko dinner on Sunday:
Date: Sunday evening, 22nd July, 2012
Venue: Umemura, Pontocho in Kyoto
Fee: 16,000 yen per person

To make reservations:
You can select attendance at Kawadoko dinner when you make a conference registration by AMARYS. You can pay the fee by a credit card through AMARYS. Get your tickets at the conference registration desk. Tickets are limited to 40. Do not miss the chance to enjoy a special dinner in Kyoto!

Select attendance at Kawadoko